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4 Ways to Take Care of Your American Bully Puppy

American Bully Puppy

4 Ways to Take Care of Your American Bully Puppy May 13, 2019 by American Bully Realistically, there’s only one way to take care of your new American Bully puppy, and that’s the right way. This means a good diet, plenty of exercise, and time spent playing and bonding. Doing so will help you quickly become friends […]

Pocket Bully Puppies For Sale – Caring for the Breed

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The American Pocket Bully puppies for sale are fast becoming one of the most popular rare breeds in America, mainly thanks to its great temperament, and purpose as a companion dog. As we have seen in the previous posts, the breed was created to preserve the desirable characteristics of the American Pit Bull, but without […]

The Pocket American Bully For Sale – How Does the Breed Act?

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The American Bully has quickly risen in popularity among pet owners, partly in thanks to its appearance, but also because of its amazing temperament. As we saw in part 2, the breed was specifically designed to bring in all the desirable attributes of its predecessor breeds, while removing all negative traits. The result is a […]

The History of the American Bully For Sale– The Breed’s Appearance

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The American Bully is a mix of several other breeds, and while it isn’t an old breed in itself, its predecessors can trace their lineage back thousands of years. As discussed in part 1, the breed was created to have the desired attributes of these breeds, but without any of the “bad” parts. Part 2 […]

The History of the American Bully Part 1 – Where Does the Breed Come From?

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The American Bully doesn’t necessarily have a long history of its own, but it certainly has an interesting one. This article is part 1 in a series of 4 that explores the history of the breed, including its origins, temperament, and physical attributes. The information comes from the book, The Bully King Magazine, which has […]