To be free of infectious disease for a period of 3 days (Distemper,Rabies) no other infectious disease, viruses are covered under this agreement.

Buyer agrees to have puppy or puppies check within 48 hours by his or her veterinarian at their own expense. If not guarantee is void. Guarantee does not cover hernias of any kind, testicles not descending , reproduction, size , color or temperament.

Guarantee is void if puppy is sold or transferred to another owner. Under no circumstance will the purchase price be returned. Breeder may replace any puppy should the circumstance warrant replacement within 1 year, such as if the puppy is found to have a serious life threatening genetic defect. Replacement will be provided by breeder if puppy fails to live up to the guarantee in this contract. Replacement time and selection is up to the breeder, but shall not be unreasonable.

The puppy to be replaced must be brought to the breeder, along with medical records and findings from buyers veterinarian for evaluation before replacement. Replacement shall be same quality , unless buyer agrees to pay the difference.

If the puppy’s health is in question , the buyer agrees to have the puppy checked by the sellers choice at the expense of the buyer. Both the buyer and the seller agrees to abide by the diagnosis of the veterinarian. In any replacement circumstance , registration papers are to be signed over to the breeder and the animal returned before replacement or proof from a veterinarian that the puppy was euthanized at buyers expense.

Under no circumstance will the seller be responsible for any expense incurred by the buyer. Loose stools or Coccidian can be caused by stress and develop within hours into transport and nothing to do with bad/good breading. We recommend that a stool sample be analyzed within 48 hours of the puppy arriving to its new home. To assure the puppy has no internal intestinal parasites.

Therefore all micro puppies going to new homes need a stool sample by the buyers veterinarian to make sure the puppy has not developed any such problems. If such a problem arise the buyers full responsibility to care for the puppy and not hold the breeder accountable in any way.

The breeder has administered the basic deworm product recommended by the breeders veterinarian and can not be held accountable for a problem arising after a puppy is delivered to the buyer. The guarantee does not cover parasites internal or external.